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      Technology News


      Technology News

      Nissan likely to register E-NV 200 as name for locally-produced MPV in China

      2018-05-28 09:47:44 Shirley From Gasgoo

      Shanghai (Gasgoo)- Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has registered the trademark, "E-NV 200",

      and aims to use the trademark as the name of a model, according to the information from

      the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the PRC.

      As Nissan is ramping up electric vehicle efforts in China, the new trademark is expected to

      be the name of the pure electric version of the Zhengzhou Nissan NV200, which is a

      family and business MPV with price range between RMB 107,800 and RMB 125,800.

      From the revealed information, the trademark "E-NV 200" is awaiting approval. 

      Nissan had launched the e-NV 200 in overseas market previously. The new EV basically

      retains the design style of its gasoline version, but adopts a closed intake grille that used

      in most electric vehicles. The charging port is at the front end. Various blue adornments on

      its body accentuate the model's identity of an EV. In addition, the new model will offer two

      door style options.

      The new model will come fitted with powertrain combining with an electric motor and a

      battery pack. Specifically, the model's 40kWh lithium-ion battery pack installed under the

      floor at the center of the body will provide a range of 300km under the Japanese JC08


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